A Miami-Dade condo association sues a contractor over damage

The Brickell East condo association filed suit against the Echo Brickell and the construction company John Moriarty and Associates in Miami-Dade circuit court last week. The former accuses the latter of having reneged on their agreement to keep the impact to their building to a minimum.

Brickell East maintains that Echo Brickell’s Property Markets Group’s (PMG) construction has caused their multistory residential building to sustain cracking, discoloration and structure damage. It’s also resulted in debris being strewn about everywhere.

While the construction company hired on to complete work at Echo Brickell hasn’t yet issued a statement responding to the lawsuit, a representative for PMG has.

He notes that Brickell East’s claims that his company complied with their agreement with their neighboring high-rise’s condo association. He said that his company provided Brickell East’s representatives with monetary compensation over what they’d originally agreed to for any problems that they may have caused. They even pointed out that they’d signed a release before the lawsuit was filed.

Court filings in this case capture how many different catastrophic incidents happened the Echo Brickell during the construction of the high-rise. One particularly disturbing incident that occurred was a collapse of scaffolding. One individual suffered a heart attack during that incident. Five others were injured. It resulted in the project being halted for as long as a year.

In their “Good Neighbor” agreement filed in court, PMG had agreed to compensate Brickell East’s condo association as much as $1,800 a month. These funds were intended to be used for cleaning up construction debris.

The plaintiff, in this case, argues that the defendant’s actions became increasingly more destructive as time wore on. They allege that their building was left with paint stains, concrete splatter and other external damage because debris was left unsecured. The plaintiff argues that they demanded additional compensation from the plaintiff but that they refused their request.

It seems that there’s always a new condo building that’s being developed in Melbourne and throughout Florida. The demand for these types of developments is high. This is one reason why construction disputes are particularly common in this state. If you find yourself with a difficult contractor on your hand, then a construction litigation attorney can aid you in settling your differences with them.


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