A Sunrise nurse and MedPro settle a breach of contract dispute

Management Health Systems, a Sunrise health-care staffing agency that does business as MedPro Healthcare Staffing, recently settled a breach of contract lawsuit that they’d filed against a Filipina nurse that they’d recruited.

MedPro had originally hired the nurse in July 2013. They’d agreed to secure her a work visa and professional license and to pay for her travel to and housing in the U.S. provided that she’d would work anywhere they sent her. In exchange for this, she’d be responsible for paying them $33,320. The amount she owed would become one-third less with every three years she worked.

The nurse didn’t get called in for an interview with U.S. immigration officials until September 2016. Since her original contract had expired by then, she was asked to sign a new agreement in the days before that occurred.

Although the new contract mentioned an hourly raise of $1, it apparently didn’t reference the $33,320 debt she owed. This time, it described the added expenses as MedPro’s actual damages instead. It said that that this amount would ultimately be calculated by a United States District Court Certified Mediator.

The contract failed to say when she would start being paid her hourly wage once she arrived here on Jan. 7, 2017. By early March though, the woman had only been paid an orientation fee of $2,500. She was never placed in a job paying her promised salary and had to share a small three-bedroom apartment with at least a half dozen others.

When she asked her employer about being placed, they reportedly did nothing. She soon relocated to Houston for another job.

Soon thereafter, MedPro sued her for $150,000 to cover their expenses and lost revenue that they would from her placement. They also accused her of immigration fraud.

Ultimately the nurse’s attorneys brokered a deal with MedPro that allowed her to be released from her contract without having to pay the $150,000. When announcing the agreement in the breach of contract case, MedPro emphasized that they’re committed to paying workers from the time they enter the U.S. They also announced that they’ll start capping fees for recruits at $40,000.

Breach of contract lawsuits can be filed because a vendor fails to perform services up to standard, because of a noncompete agreement is unfair or other reasons. To see if you have valid claim, you should consult with a Melbourne breach of contract attorney.


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