Can NDAs help protect intellectual property?

Intellectual property is often a business’s secret formula for success. Because of this, they should do everything in their power to protect it. Since many companies work with third parties to complete specific tasks, they may have to disclose bits of confidential information. However, businesses should make sure that information doesn’t get exposed. If it does, it could fall into the hands of their competitors and leave them in financial ruin.

Luckily, companies can use non-disclosure agreements to secure their intellectual property from unwanted exposure.

What is an NDA?

Also referred to as a confidentiality agreement, an NDA can allow businesses to share intellectual property without it getting leaked to competitors or the public. This way, if business owners or entrepreneurs need to work with outside consultants, the information surrounding their practices can be kept safe.

What reasons would a business need an NDA?

These are a few examples of when implementing one may be necessary:

  • An owner is trying to sell their company, but the buyer wants specific details on its operations.
  • An entrepreneur develops a new business model that they want to present to venture capitalists but don’t want them to steal that idea and create it on their own.
  • Someone develops a prototype for a new invention but want to get a cost estimate from a fabrication shop before they get started.

People deserve to keep and profit from their ideas

In a highly competitive market, businesses must ensure they can showcase and perfect their unique value without putting themselves at risk. To make sure their NDA is concise and effective, owners and entrepreneurs should bring their requests to a qualified professional who can help make sure they implement all the necessary provisions.


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