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Contracts are legal agreements made between parties. When one party doesn’t uphold their responsibilities in the contract, there is a chance that the other will take legal action for breach of contract. Not all of these cases end up in a trial court. Instead, many breaches of contract matters are handled through alternative dispute resolution […]

Most employees are required to sign a non-compete agreement before they start a new job. This helps the employer to ensure that their business is protected in the event of an employee leaving the company and moving on. In the majority of circumstances, non-compete agreements are reasonable and cause no major complications for the future […]

A study conducted by Today’s Hospitalist shows that at least 70% of all physicians leave their first employer within at least two years of starting their job. Many of them do so to take on a more exciting opportunity elsewhere. They’re often so eager to start the new role that they don’t take time to […]

Contracts are important legal instruments that help accomplish trust between people and business for personal, commercial or legal reasons. It is important, therefore, to be aware of what a contract entitles a party to do if he or she believes another party has breached the terms of the contract. A claimant has an important burden […]

The business world is full of contracts and agreements. One of these is a non-compete agreement, which is made between an employer and an employee. Typically, they are done to prevent the employee to use what they learned at the employer’s business to help competitors. Anyone who is considering using a noncompete agreement must know […]

Health care is a highly regulated industry. There are certain rules and regulations that mental health counselors or therapists must familiarize themselves with and adhere to if they wish to remain in compliance with state and federal laws. One obligation they have is to provide their patients with a privacy disclosure outlining their responsibility to […]

A recent report published by the Florida Department of Health shows that the state is facing a shortage. Health care analysts note that the existence of noncompete agreements that doctors are forced to sign may be to blame for the shortage. Many physicians who sign on to work for larger health care companies are asked […]

When your company goes through a merger, holding on to key people is important. It’s also hard to do. Mergers and acquisitions have increased drastically in recent years, but a 2017 survey revealed that less than half of the companies that had been through a merger were successful at keeping its employees. Why? Generally, there […]

A former college official is suing the University of South Florida-St. Petersburg and its president, contending they breached a contractual agreement concerning her resignation. The dispute between the woman and university started in September 2017 as Hurricane Irma approached the area, and the two sides have very different ideas about events that took place at […]

Breach of contract is something that all businesses should try to never allow to happen. These contracts are the backbone of the business world because they set clear standards and penalties for relationships between the company and other companies, employees, vendors and contractors. Ensuring that your company is being protected by the contracts that you […]


To Our Valuable Clients:

The federal government has recently enacted legislation to assist citizens and businesses facing uncertain financial challenges due to COVID-19. We are here to help answer questions and guide you through the details of the various processes to procure financial assistance from our government. The acts are very new and more will probably be coming. But they currently provide for dollar for dollar tax credits for payroll for COVID19 related payroll, cash advances and loans that have tremendously favorable terms and in some cases, total forgiveness of the debt.

Please stay as safe as possible during this terrible crisis and if we can help you with questions about the new federal assistance laws, please contact us.

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