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Your home is your castle. Before hiring a building contractor, you probably dreamed of ways to improve your house. If your vision does not line up with the contractor’s results, you may need to act quickly to save money, protect your legal rights and find someone to do the job correctly. As their name suggests, […]

Buying a home is a stressful experience, especially if it is your first time. While the prospect of becoming a homeowner may be exciting, it does not take away from the fact that the home buying process is often full of complexities. Purchasing a house is probably the biggest transaction of your life so far. You […]

As you launch your new company, you may be looking at employee benefits with something of a money-saving mentality. However, while you might initially save money by choosing not to include company benefits, you could cripple the prosperity of your business in the long run and risk losing employees you had hoped to keep. What […]

Landlords and tenants in commercial properties need to understand the responsibilities they have toward one another before signing anything. Florida legislation tends to favor landlords over tenants, so landlords can expect prospective tenants to put up a fight over certain issues. It is typical for tenants to negotiate on the most prevalent items in a lease, […]

Although your mother needs help with day-to-day tasks, you do not believe she has experienced any mental decline. However, you recently learned she gave her caretaker $15,000, which she told you was for buying the caregiver a car. Is this transfer of money to the caregiver illegal? How long has your mother known her caretaker? If […]

Contracts are crucial for any business. They provide structure, predictability and reliability – at least in theory. As a business owner, you enter into contracts and trust the other party to perform its duties. Unfortunately, it does not always work out. The other party may fail to live up to the terms of the contract. This […]

Now that this year’s particularly bad hurricane season has passed, many Florida residents are breathing a sigh of relief. Whether their homes made it through unscathed or they are facing significant repairs, homeowners should take note of the potential problems that could occur if demand results in a shortage of domestic materials. The U.S. Consumer […]

Owning a condo in Florida comes with many perks. However, it can also come with a challenge: dealing with the condominium association. On the flip side, being a member of the board can be frustrating thanks to problematic owners. Both parties play important roles that can sometimes conflict with each other. What starts out as […]

Many people fall victim to Ponzi schemes every year. They rarely work out for the perpetrator, as one Florida man discovered when police arrested him for conducting an elaborate case of fraud. Older individuals are typically targets of these schemes because perpetrators believe that they can more easily convince seniors to give them money. It is […]

Owning commercial property can be rewarding both financially and emotionally. However, while being a commercial landlord may come with certain benefits, it is often fraught with challenges. It is common to experience some legal issues during the course of your ownership. While it is normal to encounter some complications, there are some steps you can take […]


To Our Valuable Clients:

The federal government has recently enacted legislation to assist citizens and businesses facing uncertain financial challenges due to COVID-19. We are here to help answer questions and guide you through the details of the various processes to procure financial assistance from our government. The acts are very new and more will probably be coming. But they currently provide for dollar for dollar tax credits for payroll for COVID19 related payroll, cash advances and loans that have tremendously favorable terms and in some cases, total forgiveness of the debt.

Please stay as safe as possible during this terrible crisis and if we can help you with questions about the new federal assistance laws, please contact us.

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