How can I prevent landlord and tenant disputes?

Landlord and tenant disputes in Florida can arise at any time for many kinds of reasons. The longer it takes to resolve real estate disagreements, the harder it can be for everyone involved to move on with their lives. Unresolved landlord and tenant issues can lead to stress, lost rental income and legal complications. It is not possible to keep tenants from complaining about everything.

The following suggestions are ways landlords can avoid getting into disputes with them.

Keep photo evidence

One common reason why disputes arise between landlords and tenants is property condition. When tenants move out, some owners are surprised by how much wear and tear their properties have sustained. They may feel inclined to keep their tenants’ security deposits to pay for those damages. Their tenants may feel they should receive their security deposits back. Determining the difference between damage and normal wear and tear can be complicated. It may be necessary for both parties to go through litigation so the courts can rule who the rightful owner of the security deposits are. One way that both sides can support their claims is to provide photo evidence. These pictures should show the condition of their dwellings before they moved in, while they lived in them and after they moved out.

Do a walk-through with tenants

Besides taking photos of their properties, landlords should perform a walk-through of their properties with each potential tenant. They should also inspect their properties periodically to ensure there are not any issues they do not know about.

Review the lease

Another reason disputes tend to arise between landlords and tenants is misunderstandings about the lease. Landlords should thoroughly review their leases with potential tenants before they sign them to minimize misunderstandings and disagreements.

Not all landlord and tenant disagreements are avoidable. However, by remaining professional and communicative, property owners can maintain good relationships with their tenants and avoid disputes.


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