What can go wrong during the construction of a home?

Virtually anything you can imagine can potentially go wrong during the construction of a home. A responsible building contractor, however, will take action to prevent these things from happening, but if they do happen in spite of the contractor’s best efforts, then the contractor should correct the problems before turning the property over to the owner.

Unfortunately, not all construction contractors notice defects and sometimes they refuse to correct defects unlawfully. This may require homeowners to pursue construction litigation claims against the builder.

Here are a few of the things that could go wrong during a home construction:

Negligent soil analysis and negligent soil preparation: Before laying the foundation of a home, building contractors need to investigate the quality of the soil and then prepare the earth so that it’s firmly compacted and ready to accept the foundation. Sometimes, they fail to do this property, and it results in cracked foundations and leaking or otherwise problematic and unsafe residences.

Negligent construction: Contractors and subcontractors must adhere to a certain standard of quality when building a home. If those who are carrying out the construction are poorly trained or unqualified, it could cause serious problems that only become apparent after some time. These issues might cause leaks, insulation problems, unstable structures, fire hazards, electrical hazards, plumbing problems and more.

Defective building materials: Construction contractors sometimes use inferior building materials that either aren’t strong enough for their intended purpose or they’re just not durable and long-lasting enough for the job.

There are many other types of construction defects and problems that may arise during the building of a home. No matter what you believe is wrong with your new construction home, make sure you investigate the issue and resolve it as soon as possible.

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