Why homebuyers need a home inspection

When you are buying a home, there are a lot of mandatory expenses. A home inspection is not required for the sale to go through, so you might think you can just skip over it. Consider the cost of a home inspection, the time involved and the information you learn. The master bedroom might be beautifully decorated, there might be gorgeous tile in the kitchen and an exquisite fireplace, but can you see what is lurking in the walls? Do you know how to inspect the wiring and plumbing? A home inspector knows what you do not.

A home inspection begins with the roof, then moves through each of the home’s major systems: plumbing, heating, septic and electrical, then ending at the foundation. If you attend the inspection, generally, the inspector will offer advice about maintenance and how things work within the house. If you are a new homeowner, this information is invaluable. Even previous owners can learn about their new place through a home inspection.

Here are some other benefits to having a home inspection:

  • Negotiation power – if there are problems with the house, you might be able to negotiate a lower price. You can also insert language into the purchase agreement that lets you back out if the inspection turns up major problems.
  • Save money – an inspection costs much less than having to rewire the house or redo plumbing.
  • Allows you to plan ahead – you can get a “life expectancy” on systems of the house with your home inspection.
  • An unbiased opinion lets you evaluate the home more effectively. You might be in love with the kitchen and not see the mold lurking around the foundation.

The American Home Inspectors Training Institute recommends that newly constructed homes be inspected to ensure no problems are overlooked.

Know what you are buying

A home inspection gives you peace of mind. Your home is one of the biggest investments you will make. When you have a home inspection that goes well, you will be happier with your purchase. Think of a home inspection as an investment in your investment. It helps you make an accurate decision without having to open up walls or take things apart.

As the Florida real estate market recovers, it is important to get advice from a real estate lawyer when you are buying a home. Real estate law is complex, and buying a home is a great alternative to renting. But you need to make sure you dot every I and cross every T before signing a contract to have the best experience possible.


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