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Posts tagged "Real Estate Litigation"

Get approval before painting your home's exterior

Melbourne, Florida, has many lovely homes, but even the best of them could use a new coat of paint from time to time. That might sound easy: Choose a pretty color of paint, buy a pretty color of paint and apply a pretty color of paint. However, if your community has a busybody committee, formally known as a community homeowner's association or HOA, you will need to follow some rules to avoid real estate litigation.

Allegations of toxins in land result in litigation

The bustling metropolis of Melbourne, Florida, is home to a booming real estate market. Deals are made every day for properties big and small, ranging from single-family homes to towering commercial buildings. Each of those deals involves contracts, inspectors, buyers, sellers and often many contractors and subcontractors too. With all those people involved, it is inevitable that someone will wind up on a different page from someone else regarding price, building quality, property maintenance or any number of other issues. When that happens, real estate litigation tends to happen to, as the involved parties seek a legal remedy to their disagreement.

Condominium residents lives made harder by damage payment dispute

The bustling community of Melbourne, Florida, has a plethora of real estate developments. Those include commercial properties and residences that range from mansions to condominiums. When things goes wrong with them, the things that go wrong always come with a price, and someone has to pay. That results in real estate litigation.

Address real estate transaction issues as they appear

Having issues with real estate transactions are difficult to handle. There are many different problems that can come up with these transactions, so there isn't really any way that you can prepare for all of them. It is imperative that you think carefully about each problem individually as it comes up. You can't try to use the same tactics for all real estate issues because these aren't one-size-fits-all matters.

Dispute resolved in condominium case

There are many condominiums in Melbourne, Florida. Some of those are occupied year-round by permanent residents, and others are let as timeshares. Sometimes, there are disputes over them, which lead to real estate litigation.

The homestead protection in Florida real estate law

It is always a nightmare scenario to think of losing a home due to a reversal of fortune. With the memory of the Great Recession not far behind, homeowners remain wary of undue risk for fear of being made homeless.

What is an easement and how can it be terminated?

The word easement is used to refer to an instance in which you may have access to a property that another person legally owns. As an example, an electric company may have an easement in a new home community to allow their workers to drive into it and establish service. Also, if you and your neighbor share a driveway, then an easement may exist that allows you both to traverse a portion of each other's properties to reach your own.

Florida Capital City lawsuit over condo association dues

Homeowner Associations or Condominium Associations are developed to protect property owners by having specific bylaws, rules and regulations that go along with ownership. Being a member of an association gives you the right to ensure that all other members of the association, as well as yourself, are fulfilling their obligations to maintain a set of agreed-upon standards.

Plan carefully when going against a homeowners' association

Some neighborhoods have a homeowners' association (HOA) that governs what is allowed in the neighborhood. You might find that it is difficult to have to stand up against these associations when they are breathing down your neck.

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